Grantley Adams International Airport Parking

Useful information about airport parking at Grantley Adams Airport

The Grantley Adams International Airport parking facility is guarded 24 hours per day; however, the airport can assume no responsibility for the security of your belongings.

Generally, short-term parking costs BDs$ 1.00 per 30-minute period.

For the benefit of those who require longer-term parking, the maximum daily rate is capped at only BDs$ 12.00

Looking for airport parking is indeed frustrating at times.

Passengers who want to park their car at the facility must ensure that they arrive earlier to have plenty of time to look for parking to avoid being late for their flight.

Tourists from different parts of the world and locals are going in and out of this location.

Another thing to consider is the peak and off-peak seasons. It can affect the availability of parking inside the airport.

There is available long-term parking and this is something that you need to avail yourself of in case you travel for more than one day.

Aside from BGI, you may also choose to park your car at nearby parking lots offered by independent providers.

Note: The country’s currency is the Barbadian Dollar at 1 USD = 2 BBD. The symbol used for the dollar is the same as the US Dollar ($).

If you are bringing in US Dollars, you can use them while traveling around Barbados, but not at the parking areas.

Because the facility can only settle your parking fee using local currency, all rates quoted in the Parkings Page are in Barbadian dollars.

Parking Rates

  • 30 minutes or part thereof, BDs$ 2.00
  • Over 30 minutes but less than 6 hours, BDs$ 3.00
  • 6 hours but less than 24 hours, BDs$ 18.00 (flat-rate)
  • 24 hours, BDs$ 24.00 per day

Payment Method

There is a pay-on-foot system with pay stations in the departures and arrivals public areas.

Insert the card and the machine reads the information and remits the change. Easy-to-follow instructions are posted.

There is a payment booth on the roadside of the Departure Terminal with several attendants to serve you.

The booth opens to accommodate the first departing flight and closes one hour after the last flight arrives.

There is a 15-minute grace period after payment is made on your card within which you can leave before further charges become due.

If you have any difficulty when exiting the car park, the car park staff can be reached by intercoms located at each exit.

Lost and damaged cards will cost you a fee of BDs$ 49.00, plus any parking fees accrued.

Parking Tips at Grantley Adams International Airport

  • Leave home and plan to arrive at the airport at least an hour earlier. In that way, you can potentially avoid the likelihood of driving around looking for parking availability. It could also delay your arrival at the departure gate promptly.
  • Check out the airport’s map. Before leaving for the airport, familiarize yourself with terminals, gates, access roads, and parking locations.
  • When traveling with a piece of luggage, be mindful of the distance between the parking location and the terminal gates. Also, look if there are shuttle buses available in your vicinity.
  • Especially during the long holidays, rush hour, and high travel seasons, vehicles at the parking area may cause a jam at the bottleneck at the security checking area and the airport gates.
  • When there are lots of passengers, this also means that the airport shuttle services are slow and overcrowded, packed with people and their luggage.
  • Unannounced security measures can also inconvenience your schedule, and it’s hard to prepare for them.
  • Unannounced maintenance and construction work can mean detours that you will have to take to get to your parking spot at the airport.
  • When traveling with your vehicle to the airport, provide enough time to account for possible delays on the road.

Car Parks at Grantley Adams Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Grantley Adams International Airport (Gaia) Christ Church, Barbados Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00

Map of Car Parks at Grantley Adams Airport


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Which car parks at Grantley Adams Airport can be found on the Airport grounds?
The following car parks can be found on the Airport grounds at Grantley Adams Airport: